Netflix Weekly Picks: Peaky Blinders

If you’re over cable like I am, then you most definitely have Netflix. With Netflix’s wide library of movies and up and coming TV shows, there are so many options to choose from. Here I will break down a couple movies from different genres, and one TV series.

Netflix has so many movies that I tend to stray away from the titles everyone has heard of, so don’t be alarmed if a blockbuster movie isn’t mentioned. I have most likely seen it, but I want to give people an extra reason to watch that movie they may have considered one night. Each excerpt will be accompanied with my own Netflix rating. (1-5 Stars)

91uqwB5fypL._SL1500_Chef is a clever film by the talented Jon Favreau. It follows a head chef at a popular restaurant that has lost it’s sense of uniqueness. After using the same menu countlessly, Carl Casper gets himself into kind of a modern day pickle with a renown food critique. This eventually leads to Carl losing his job with the restaurant. Now the disconnected father has to reevaluate his life and current situation. What better way to do this than go back to your roots? Carl finds himself back in Miami where he takes on the idea of running his own food truck. Accompanied by his friend and son, they begin the most fun and best tasting road trip of their lives.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

City-of-God1-1Off the Wall Movie of the Week: City of God

If you don’t like subtitles then feel free to skip this movie. If you don’t mind them, then take a look into the lens of the troubled City of Rio De Janeiro a.k.a. The City of God. Rocket, is an aspiring photographer that is unfortunately well connected to the rough life of Brazilian Gangsters. Follow him from childhood to the life of an adult, as he encounters drug dealers, gun dealers, and street wars. Friends and family have two choices in this life, join the gangsters, or pay them. Rocket begins to document the life that is hidden from the majority outside of the dirty streets, and eyes begin to open.

Rating: 4 Stars

11789016Netflix Original Series: Peaky Blinders

With Season 3 set to release this year, Peaky Blinders is the perfect choice to start up your unhealthy binge watching. Peaky Blinders follows the Shelby family and their leader, Thomas Shelby, in a post World War One Birmingham, England. It follows the Irish family as it begins their rise through the gang hierarchy. Meeting and creating trouble at every turn they take, the Shelby’s will not stop until they are among the greatest in history.

Full of gambling, drinking, fighting, and romance Peaky Blinders is bound to hit one of your preferences. The quality of acting is top notch with the likes of Cillian Murphy (The Dark Knight), Sam Niel (Jurassic Park), Helen McCory (Harry Potter), and Tom Hardy (Inception). Kick your feet up, turn the volume up (if you have trouble with irish accents), and pour some Jameson with a few rocks because it’s about to get wild!

Rating: 5 Stars

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