Netflix Went And Added A Top New Feature!

Netflix is great, but it can be better. Just like anything else, there is always room for improvement. Well Netflix just went and added a feature a rival already had in place. This sounds a lot like the Uber/Lyft article, doesn’t it?

Amazon is a competitor with their very own streaming service (and it’s pretty solid) they had a particular feature that was very liked… especially when you’re about to board an airplane. The option to watch offline. Yes, downloading movies and TV shows directly to your device. How awesome right?

Well, Netflix has stepped up to the plate and kicked in the view offline option. Hot damn! Right? So, as you begin to pack for the trip in a couple weeks, make sure you add download some shows to your list of things to pack. Note, they don’t offer their entire catalog just yet but they have a wide variety from TV to movies to specials.

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