A New Box Will Let You Stream Movies Still In Theaters!

Tech billionaire Sean Parker is working on a new product for the masses. If you don’t recall, Parker created Napster and was the first president of Facebook. He was even played by Justin Timberlake in The Social Network. Parker has made headlines recently for a new project called The Screening Room.

The Screening Room would be a new platform that would allow you to stream movies at home the same day they are out in theaters. Pretty awesome right? The box would cost $150 and each movie would be $50, not too bad if you figure a group of 4 people would spend that at the theater. Enjoying a movie at home away from the kids in the row in front of you texting and the old guy in the back asking questions throughout the movie sounds ideal.

The idea is by no means green lit yet, but studios are seriously considering it. This would be great for the comedy movies, however most family rooms don’t have the capabilities for unleashing the gruesome sounds behind movies like The Revenant or London Has Fallen… I’m kidding on that last one! Nobody saw London Has Fallen.

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