A New Brothel in Barcelona Has 0 Human Prostitutes Working, Say What?!

“Leiza” Photo: Lumi Dolls

You read that right, this brothel has no real women… (or men) on staff that will let you get your rocks off. That’s because this new brothel will only rent out sex dolls! Yeah, that sounds pretty disgusting right?!

Look, sex dolls are in the news all the time nowadays. The dolls are getting more and more life like these days and you keep hearing this is the future of sex. You mean to tell me the future of sex is going to be one person with one empty, rubber vessel?

‘Katy’ the 5″6′ Blonde Photo: Lumi Dolls

This brothel in Barcelona is betting on it at least. They have multiple Lumi Dolls for rental. These dolls run about $5,500 bucks a pop but they can be yours for the hour for a measly $130! Yeah, how do you make sure you’re the first one to get into that loaner car? Just kidding, this whole thing sounds nasty. And think about the guy who has to clean these things out… Call Mike Rowe because we have special edition of Dirty Jobs for him!

Look, if it keeps Mountain Dew drinkers from impregnating women we are all for it… Do they have Mountain Dew over there? What do you think, would you go to one of these brothels if it was in your neck of the woods?

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