Apple’s introduced new MacBook Pros yesterday, should you get it?

Apple had a little keynote this morning and introduced some pretty awesome upgrades. It’s not nearly as big as the iPhone keynote so don’t freak out, yet. It depends on who you are I guess.

Starting with Apple TV, they added some great updates that will pretty much take over the cable industry. You can now watch (starting in December) live TV on your Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad. It is in an ongoing effort by everyone to banish cable/satellite as we know it. If you watch a lot of TV you will appreciate this. Twitter is also making it easy to watch live sporting events and send tweets at the same time.

The big reveal was the new Macbook Pros though. They showed great “courage” yet again, this time ditching the function keys. No, this time the majority of people really won’t care. And that’s because you can add them back if you want. That’s because they changed that top row of useless keys to a touch bar. A touch screen that helps on every screen you go to; browsing the web, editing a photo, anything. It’s pretty legit.


The upgraded laptops were pretty much as expected which is good because the expectations were impressive. It had been a while since they gave the Macbooks an update and this one was worth the wait.

Let’s talk for a second about a little demo that didn’t need to be in there; it was aiming to sell to all those aspiring (unemployed) DJs of the world. The ones who are frantically putting a list of reasons together in an attempt to convince their moms to buy them this laptop. There are too many DJs in the world already, it’s the lazy persons take on being an actor. Which is already lazy. But, Apple knows what they are doing so you can bet most DJs will put this one the list of “must haves” for any “pro DJ.”

They stated a few times about these being for the “pro” users of the world. What that meant was these are expensive… And they are. The 13 inch starts at a mere $1,799 and the 15 inch at $2,399. But wait, you get 10 hours of battery life with either laptop!

Yes, they are damn pricey for most users. But they are still selling basic b#$ch 13 inch MacBooks for you college students. Just don’t expect that touch bar…

MacBook Pro

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