A New Study Reveals Teens Just Aren’t Into Sex and Drugs Like They Used To Be

Growing up I always heard, “learn from your older siblings. Don’t make the same mistakes they did and you’ll be better off.” Well, with the millennials moving into adulthood, has the next generation moved in and become known as the cautious generation?

A recent study released by the CDC show that teens are having less sex. In fact, it’s down to 41% from 47% in the past decade. They surveyed 16,000 students at 125 schools both public and private and found less sex among other good (for once) numbers. Teens are smoking and drinking less too. They went on to state that fewer than 11% smoked a cigarette in the last month. Might we mention this is the lowest number since they’ve kept numbers on this.

So parents, kudos! You’ve done well. And teens, you’re not the only one not getting any action. Teens are waiting because of shows like 16 and Pregnant. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, in the 18 months after the show aired teen pregnancy went down 5.7%. Teens are more informed and know how to practice safe sex. If they even want to have it anymore…

A number on the rise to nobody’s surprise actually is computer/game console usage. A survey showed roughly 42% spent more than 3 hours a day staring at a screen for something not school related. In this day in age though, that number seems unavoidable and frankly, a little light.

I’d say the trade-off of screen time vs sexy time is well worth it. Computers are the future, and they could be working on things to better their futures. Hopefully, on the other hand, they might be watching a bunch of virtual reality porn. That would theoretically increase computer time while decreasing sexual encounters with actual humans. It’s probably not that.

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