New Version of ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ Because the Original is Offensive…

I guess somebody is offended by it at least. But hey, everything is offensive now. Yeah we get it, it sounds rapey. But the song is written by a generation that was far kinder to one another and it’s about casually flirting with the one you like.

In no way should it be interpreted as rape culture. But, “heroes” went and made a new version and, well it sounds just about as good if not better… hahah I’m fucking kidding it’s awful! I shouldn’t cast judgement, that is something you can do after you listen. Yeah, first it’s offensive to say, “Merry Christmas.” Now, they are offing Christmas songs. Go ahead and go after things that matter. Is it offensive that the same people that wrote this song and the people that would describe a happy feeling as “gay”. Stop being such blow hards all the time everyone. Sheesh.


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