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It’s been confirmed that South African comedian Trevor Noah will take over for Jon Stewart as the host host of Daily Show at some point in the next year. As the Daily Show is important to so many, there has been much debate about whether this was the right choice.  


There has been a minor controversy about Noah’s tweets and some have questioned Noah’s comedic ability. My concern isn’t with Noah’s jokes but I do have two problems with the decision:

  • Trevor Noah is not American

    Noah is South African and hasn’t lived in America very long. The Daily Show is known for satirizing the American political process and I’m unsure of Noah’s familiarity with American Politics. John Oliver spent years working at The Daily Show before filling in for Stewart and later hosting his own show. I don’t know how good the show will be if the host is not an expert on our politics.

  • Trevor Noah is 31 years old

    I’m not saying a 31 year old can’t know about politics but people are less likely to trust the views of someone so young. I’m afraid he’ll be dismissed as some kid who doesn’t really know how the world works. Jon Stewart has become a trusted and respected source of political news and I don’t think Noah will be.

I’ll make no statement on whether Noah is funny. You can decide for yourself.

Trevor Noah’s special “African American” is available now on netflix

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