Tony’s NFL Picks of the Week – Week 3

We’re back for week 3. Here are our top picks for this upcoming week.

Minnesota Vikings Vs Carolina Panthers

Cam Newton has started just where he left off last season. He might be even better at passing now that he has his best wide receiver back in Kelvin Benjamin. The Vikings are 2-0 and coming off a nice victory over Green Bay, but they lost star running back, Adrian Peterson, during the game. So with Peterson most likely out this week, this great Carolina defense will mostly focus on the pass. And even though Bradford looked good this week, I don’t see him looking that good vs Carolina. Carolina will show no respect to the ground game and focus fully on the passing game. Expect a double digit victory here by the Panthers.

Tony’s Pick: Panthers -7


San Francisco 49ers Vs Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks are 1-1 and could easily be 0-2. They’ve looked horrendous to start the season. Some of this could be because Marshawn Lynch is no longer on the team. But whatever it may be, I imagine it’ll change soon, and what better way than vs their rivals. The 49ers are not a good team at all and this seems like the perfect game for Seattle to get some mojo back. I expect the defense to come out strong and wouldn’t be surprised to see the 49ers score less than 10 points. I expect Seattle to find the end zone a handful of times and cruise to an easy 2+ touchdown victory.

Tony’s Pick: Seahawks -9


Chicago Bears Vs Dallas Cowboys

The Chicago Bears are one of the worst teams in the NFL, and have continued to prove that this season starting 0-2. Their defense has been awful the past couple seasons and their offense hasn’t been much better. They’ve scored 28 points in 2 games this season and given up 52. Jay Cutler’s time has come and gone and no one has produced on the ground yet this season for Chicago.

Meanwhile, the Dallas Cowboys come into this game at 1-1 without Tony Romo. Dak Prescott has looked solid in his first two games, along with rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott. Dez Bryant hasn’t had the start he’s hoped for but I expect that to change against a bad Bears defense. I full expect the Cowboys to control both the ground and pass game in this one. Their defense should be solid enough to maintain this Bears offense. With all of America watching Sunday Night I fully expect America’s team, the Dallas Cowboys, to win this game by double digits.

Tony’s Pick: Cowboys -7


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