NHL- Eastern Conference Wild Card

It’s coming down to the wire for four teams in the Eastern Conference.

It’s the last week of regular season in the NHL, and playoff berths are starting to be clinched. Tonight there are a couple key games to watch.

Pittsburgh_Penguins_logo_svgPittsburgh Penguins vs Ottawa SenatorsOttawa_Senators_svg


The game that undoubtedly has the most meaning, is the battle between these two eastern foes. Pittsburgh is in an all out downward spiral having lost 7 of their last 10 games (1 in overtime), while Ottawa has won 6 of the last 10, with 2 of those games gaining one point from over time losses. Ottawa is two points behind 6th seed Pittsburgh, 7th Seed Boston, and 8th Seed Detroit. With three games left for each team, every point is critical.

With a win tonight, Pittsburgh would be able to take a deep sigh of relief, knowing they are now separated by four points from being out of contention. Ottawa is in playoff mode already, needing to win out and hope for a loss from one of the three teams listed above.


Detroit_Red_Wings_logo_svg1280px-Carolina_Hurricanes_svgDetroit Red Wings vs Carolina Hurricanes


Detroit may have gotten very lucky with scheduling. Of the last three games they will face Carolina (Third to last in the conference) twice. This means the Red Wings have an increased chance to succeed, or an increased chance to get embarrassed. With an impressive playoff streak of 23 years, the Red Wings will look do avoid the latter. The Wings will look to the net minder to bring some rare consistent goal tending throughout the week. With arguably the best coach in hockey the Red Wings should be able to advance with at least a wild card playoff berth.


What Needs To Happen 

New York Islanders- New York clinches a playoff berth with 1 win or a loss from Ottawa.

Ottawa- The Senators need one team of Boston, Detroit, and Pittsburgh to lose one to two games. While they, themselves, need to win out the season for 6 points if the others only lose one.

Boston, Pittsburgh, and Detroit- All three of these teams can clinch with losses from Ottawa. With a Win tonight from Pittsburgh, the Lucky number would be 1 for each team. If not they are looking at a head to head whoever loses first battle for the next 5 days. Things could get really fun in the Eastern Conference!





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