NHL- Wild Card Seeds

Here are tonights Playoff Clinching Scenarios


Western Conference:



Winnipeg Jets:

The jets can clinch a playoff spot if they beat the Colorado Avalanche tonight, OR if they get one point in OT and the Kings lose to the Flames in any fashion, OR if just the Kings lose tonight in regulation time.



Eastern Conference:


New York Islanders:

The Islanders can clinch tonight if the Ottawa Senators or the Boston Bruins lose in any fashion.



Detroit Redwings:

The Redwings can clinch a playoff berth if they get a win against Montreal, and the Ottawa senators lose in regulation, OR if they win and the senators lose in OT and the Bruins lose in regulation.



Boston Bruins:

The Boston Bruins can clinch tonight if they get a win against the Florida Panthers, and the Senators lose in regulation time.


Well there you have it. The playoffs are already building up to be one of the best. With a race like this to get into them, who wouldn’t want to watch the battles? Stay tuned to Tony’s Take for our upcoming NHL Playoff Preview, once all the seeds are set.

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