The Nintendo Switch Has Been Announced

Earlier this morning, Nintendo made a big announcement on youtube. They officially revealed their newest piece of hardware, the Nintendo Switch. Long known by its codename, the NX, the Switch is what we all thought it was, a console/handheld hybrid. So how does that work? Watch the video.

The Switch appears to consist of a tablet, two controllers that attach to either sides of the tablet, and a docking station that connects to your TV. You can take the device on the go, or use the┬ádocking station and play it on your couch. Looks intriguing, but honestly no one will give a shit if there aren’t games to play on it. So what did they show in that department?

The only previous confirmed game is the upcoming The Legend of Zelda: Breadth of the Wild, which was shown in this trailer. In addition to that we saw a new 3d Mario game, a must at this point, Mario Kart, Splatoon, an NBA 2K game, and Skyrim. It makes sense they would show Skyrim. If Bethesda is working to put their games on the Switch, then all the other big companies like EA, Activision, and Ubisoft must be making Switch games as well. Bethesda is the last company I would expect to make games for a Nintendo platform.


The Switch looks good, but I wouldn’t say great. If you were making a console/handheld hybrid, this looks like the best way to do it. But does anyone really want that? There’s still so much more Nintendo has to tell us, like detailed specs, price, launch lineup, etc. They promise to tell us before The Switch launches in March of 2017.

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