Nostalgia Strikes – Throwback Thursday

We all remember the days of being a kid, and really just doing whatever we wanted to. Here’s a look back at some of the most popular fads from the late 20th century.

AIM- AOL Instant Messenger

I know for a fact that if you were born in the 80s or 90s you definitely had one of these. On top of that I know for a fact that if you had one of these that your name was way cooler than everybody’s. Back when having a fun somewhat moronic name was in, and professionalism was out! The go to spot to spit game back in the day was AIM, and every guy did it! Text messaging quickly took over, but I’ll never forget the days of logging in to see who was online.



I’m hoping for a nice comeback on this one… Short shorts, a tank top, and some good old fashioned roller blades. Talk about the perfect Sunday, am I right!? Rollerblading was the bees knees when we were young, and to top it all off it was accompanied with one of the best Disney films ever made…Brink!


N64 Cartridge

“Mario Kart anyone? Gahhhh it’s not reading it again. Hold on…. Pfffffffffffffffffff… Pfffffff…” Oh the joys of a Nintendo 64. One of the first video game consoles to ever hit our homes, the N64 is now a plastic box full of memories. Classic games, and classic bonds created from playing with your friends. Who didn’t enjoy a game of 4 player Mario Party? Now they’re on to Mario Party 10! We may forget though, that in order to play any of your games on the N64, you had to blow away. It’s amazing that word of mouth spread the idea of this, but I know that we all did it.



It’s a bit depressing to know that kids these days will never know the struggle of trying to hold your Walkman perfectly still so that it didn’t skip. These things provided pure enjoyment until you had to switch the CD. What is shuffle? This is back when we knew every track number instead of the song title. “Yeah, play track 08 again! I love the chorus!”



Speaking of music, how about the times we used to steal it? We all had those visions of SWAT Teams breaking windows, and raiding our house because we were downloading the new Counting Crows song. Back when the internet was still new, and tracking wasn’t in full force yet.


The Easy Bake Oven

Oh good old fashioned toys! The oven where you could make food of your own and not wait around for Mom… Not like it was a toy designed to get young girls into cooking/baking, or anything. The fact of the matter is, they put a kitchen in toy form. The result? Delicious food.



Oh, the memories. Wait… Hold on, one second. I have to feed my Tamagotchi pet. Yes, the famous words that made you the coolest kid in the room. Never forget, however, that what went in, also came out. Yes, you had to clean up the crap of your pet too. This thing was better than a real life pet to some people. The fact that this company even made it so that your pet could starve and die is still baffling to me.


Beanie Babies

The dolls that quickly turned into collections. Beanie babies had every animal you could possibly think of, and some of these animals even had a hefty price tag. From names like Chilly the Polar Bear to Rover the Dog, what was not to love about these animals stuffed with beans? Who doesn’t remember getting ready for bed and throwing about 15 of these on the floor? Apparently these cuddly animals they still go for a decent amount on Ebay.


There you have it a few fads that brought us back to our childhood. Let us now some of the stuff you remember the most down below!

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