If Packers Win The Super Bowl They’ll Make Two Guys Rich

Just before Thanksgiving two friends decided to make a bet. They knew the Packers needed to win every game from Thanksgiving on, so what did they do? They bet 300 dollars on the Packers and decided to ride their winnings on each game from the rest of the season in hopes they’d make it to the Super Bowl. How’s that working out?

The Packers have now won 8 games in a row and these two friends have turned $300┬áinto 2$8,213.60. They’ve already said they’ve put the $28,000 on the Green Bay Packers to beat the Falcons this Sunday, and if they do they’ profit $76,176. Which they already said they would put on Green Bay to win the Super Bowl.

If the Packers do go on to win the Super Bowl each of these guys will most like profit $100,000 each. Not bad considering they started with $300. These are the gambling stories that keep everyone’s hopes and dreams alive!

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