People are going to ‘Safe Spaces’ after being offended by Halloween costumes

We live in a world where people get offended by a sour look. And I said sour look because that sounds dumb enough to be the right word for them. Everybody is so delicate, they need someone to give them a hot chocolate and rub their back and say everything is going to be okay. Let me be clear, there are some things out there that are absolutely worthy of being offended by. But, the majority of things you just shouldn’t burn the calories having an opinion over.


A college in Florida is sparking outrage over offering a safe space for those offended by Halloween costumes. Nope. Big fat one in fact. What have we become? A bunch of baby monsters running amuck and it’s time we knock it off. Growing up parents were supposed to tell their kids the “sticks and stones” phrase. Mostly to get their kid to shut up when someone told them to shut up. Seems like nobody in their early 20’s has ever heard that. Let’s say a generous 10% of costumes out there are offensive. Do you really think anyone should be running to get some Nilla Wafers and a hug because they saw some drunk idiot in a Trump costume? (They could have just seen Trump in the flesh…. kidding… are we?)

College is a place where you’re supposed to frequently encounter conflicting ideology. It allows you to see other perspectives and maybe… just maybe change your mind, or the mind of the person with the conflicting idea. Instead of challenging students they are creating a place for them to retreat to. Which can only have catastrophically negative effects.

So if you see someone in a costume that you don’t agree with, take a deep breath and forget about it! Why let it change your evening? Why let it bug you? Basically, make a little lemonade.

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