Pitchers In A Sticky Situation

Over the years pitchers have tried sneaking sticky substances on their fingers when they take the mound, to give them a better grip on the baseball. When they have a better grip on the baseball it makes their breaking pitches such as; curveballs, sliders, and sinkers more effective. Pitchers have done everything from putting Vaseline on their gums, getting their hair wet with moose gel in it, and having pine tar on their hands or neck. Pitchers will still try doing these things today, but if the other team or umpires notice it a suspension and fine will take place.

Some of the recent incidents were last year when Yankees pitcher, Michael Pineda, was caught having pine tar on his
neck! Basically screaming to be caught. Then just this past week, Brewers pitcher Will Smith (not the actor) was caught having a sticky substance on his hand. Smith said he had it on in warmups to have a better grip because it was cold and forgot to take it off. Obviously having a better grip on the baseball helps the pitcher out, but not all players are against it. Braves All Star first baseman Freddie Freeman said that he doesn’t mind the pitchers having a better grip because that means he doesn’t have to worry about getting hit in the head. So, with that said, do you think it really is a big deal and pitchers should continue to be suspended and fined for this? Or do you think it doesn’t really give them that big of an advantage and they should be allowed to do it? Comment below and tell us what your thoughts are!



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