Powdered Alcohol – Are We Ready For It?

By now, you’ve probably heard about the next big thing in alcoholism, powdered alcohol! The alcohol and tobacco administration just approved a rum and a vodka powder that you can add to just about anything.

This has got some government officials frantically working on banning them. They firmly believe this powder will increase underage drinking, as it is rather easy to hide. They also believe it will increase the levels of sketchy drinkers; we’re talking about those people who spike drinks. However the creator, Mark Phillips states spiking a drink is far easier and more efficient with liquid alcohol. Wonder where he got his information for that?

Another thing state officials worry about is abuse of the powder, like snorting it. Phillips claims that will be very painful and would take nearly an hour to finish a packet. For now, this magical powder is already outlawed in six states and about 30 others are working on it.

What is great about this is the next time you go to an event, you don’t have to pay 15 bucks and up for a drink, just order a water for $7… We love alcohol in this great country and it was only a matter of time before we made it a powder. So this leads to the question of the hour… are you going to give this magical powder a shot? (Pardon the pun.)


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