There’s a Power Rangers Reboot and Now There’s a Trailer For It

Maybe you didn’t know, but there’s a new Power Rangers movie coming out That might excite some of you 90’s kids out there┬ábut it really shouldn’t because Power Rangers is trash. Really go back and watch some of it. You probably can’t even get through five minutes. How did that shit entertain us? But that’s not the point. This is something new. Or is it?

I hate to use the phrase “gritty reboot” but this is exactly what this is. From the slowed down Johnny Cash cover to the the small town devoid of sunlight, this movie screams “I’m not a kid anymore Dad. I’m 13”. Maybe this would be cool though, if it was 2008. A movie about a group of teenagers stumbling upon super powers and figuring out how to use them, that could be cool. And it was in 2012 when Chronicle came out. This movie looks like it completely rips off that one, rather shamelessly. See for yourself.

You might have noticed some casting changes. It’s 2016, you can’t have the Black Ranger be played by a black guy, he’s now Asian. And the nerd/Blue Ranger, he’s played by a black guy. And the Yellow Ranger is no longer Asian, she’s Hispanic. None of this will matter if this movies sucks though, which I’m sure it will.

Power Rangers, directed by Dean Israelite (is this a real name?), comes out March 24th, 2017.

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