California is voting on Prop 64 soon, here’s what you need to know

Prop 64 is about legalizing cannabis in California. This is the second time bringing it to the ballot in the past few years. Not many people have thoughts on it, if you don’t have a thought, let me give you one. Vote yes. Who cares. Tax the hell out of it and decrease criminal nonsense associated with the plant. This is coming from someone who doesn’t use it, this is coming from a person in their 20s.

We’ve covered in the past stats and main reasons for and against legalizing. It’s time California caught up. Legalize it. End the nonsense. It (might) end the stigma with it all, if it’s legal it’s no longer the bad boy move to use it, because anyone over 21 could get their hands on it. Move on. Let’s get this going and start sending the state revenue vs your neighborhood drug dealer.

Quick stats –

  • State tax rate at 15 %
  • exempts medical users from taxes on marijuana
  • allows for additional local taxes

It’s estimated that the state will rake in up to a billion dollars a year off legalizing weed. On top of that, the majority of the money will go to youth substance abuse programs. There you have it, legalize it. Vote yes on Prop 64.

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