R.I.P. Lemmy, We’re Surprised You Made it This Long

Lemmy Kilmister, frontman of British metal band Motörhead, was a true rockstar. No, he wasn’t as famous as Mick Jagger or Bon Jovi even but he truly lived the lifestyle. He was a rockstar’s rockstar. On one hand, it seemed as if he was invincible and he would never die. On the other, every year that came without his passing came as a surprise.

Lemmy died earlier today at the age of 70. He made it a great 70 though. A true legend. He claims to have slept with over a thousand women. He drank a bottle of Jack Daniels every day. And, yeah, the music he made was pretty good too.


Best known for his band Motörhead, Lemmy actually got his start with the progressive rock band Hawkwind. Check out one of their more famous songs, “Silver Machine”, with Lemmy on vocals.

After leaving Hawkwind, Lemmy formed Motörhead and continued to push the boundaries of rock music. Their self titled song “Motörhead” is one of the best early punk rock songs.


A few year later, Motörhead hit their stride with the release of “Ace of Spades”, their biggest song. Ace of Spades solidified Motörhead and Lemmy’s place in rock history. It’s an absolute classic.

In 2004, modern rock legend Dave Grohl called upon Lemmy to participate in his metal project Probot. Their collaboration resulted in the fantastic “Shake Your Blood”.

Motörhead continued to play and release albums, even when Lemmy’s health started to decline. We all knew reality would have to set in and it would all come to an end for Lemmy at some point. We’re grateful it took so long though.

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