When Raiders Come To Vegas They’ll Already Have A Treat Waiting

It became official earlier this week that in a couple years the Oakland Raiders will be moving to Las Vegas. They will be the first NFL team to play in Vegas. A lot of questions on people’s minds is how will a professional team be able to handle the lifestyle of Vegas? They’ll have temptations at every turn with gambling, drinking, and women. And businessman, Dennis Hof, is already planning on taking advantage of that.

Dennis Hof is the owner of the Bunny Ranch, and if you don’t know what that is feel free to watch the series on HBO called “Cathouse”. Hof said in a statement this week that he plans on building a Raider themed brothel called Pirates Booty Sports Brothel. He also said any Raiders players and staff will get 50% off at the brothel. I’m no brothel connoisseur but i know a good deal when I hear one. Rumor has it Lamar Odom has already tried to get a coaching job with the Raiders after hearing about this (jk, but I wouldn’t be surprised).

So it looks like the Raiders will definitely have some distractions when they come out to Vegas, but I’m excited to see an NFL team out there. It’ll definitely be exciting to see how much trouble these guys can get themselves into when they aren’t playing football.

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