Ranking the NBA’s Dukies


In honor of Duke’s championship win over Wisconsin we are ranking all of the former Blue Devils in the NBA.

The Rules are:

Current NBA Players Only

– Grant Hill had a great NBA career. He’s a college basketball broadcaster now, not an NBA player.

Current Level of Play

Elton Brand was one of the best players in the NBA at one point. Now he’s a bench player on the Hawks.

Duke Performance Doesn’t Matter

JJ Redick is arguably the greatest Blue Devil of all time. Kyrie Irving only played 11 games for Duke. That doesn’t matter.


  1. Kyrie Irving 

    Irving’s point guard numbers aren’t elite but if you consider him a two guard playing next to Lebron he’s second to only James Harden.

  1. JJ Redick

    Redick is averaging a career high 16.4 PPG with the Clippers this season.

  1. Luol Deng

    A couple years ago Deng would definitely be ahead of Redick. Deng is still a really solid all around player but he’s not as good as he was with the Bulls.

  1. Mike Dunleavy

    Dunleavy might be considered a bust but he’s found a nice role with the Bulls. He’s shooting 42% from three this year.

  2. Gerald Henderson

    Henderson is an underrated two way player.

  3. Mason Plumlee 

    The younger Plumlee is a decent backup big man. Terrible free throw shooter, but decent big man.

  4. Jabari Parker 

    We don’t have enough information to rank Jabari any higher. He could be on top of this list at this time next year.

  5. Rodney Hood

    The other Duke rookie has had a nice season for the Jazz. He’s made 17 starts for Utah.

  6. Kyle Singler

    Singler is an OK rotational player.

  7. Carlos Boozer 

    Boozer may be a backup on an awful team but he’s still an alright player.

  8. Miles Plumlee

    Plumlee has had a rough year after a nice season as Phoenix’s starting center last year. He’s not that bad of a player.

  9. Austin Rivers

    Rivers has looked good at times for the Clippers. He’s looked terrible at times as well.

  10. Lance Thomas

    Thomas has made 20 starts for the Knicks this year but (insert unathletic guy you know) could start for the Knicks this year.

  11. Elton Brand

    Brand is not the player he used to be. Not even close. He barely plays for the Hawks.

  12. Ryan Kelly 

    Kelly is really bad but at least he’s playing.

  13. Dahntay Jones 

    Jones was out of the NBA for all of the 2013-2014 season. He’s barely in it this season

  14. Shavlik Randolph

    Randolph was just released by the Celtics after only playing in five games. This was on the same day as the Blue Devils win over Wisconsin.


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