Ray McDonald’s Bears Career over Before it Started

The Bears released defensive end Ray McDonald after signing him to a one year contract just a couple of months ago.  Why did the Bears release him before he even played a game?  They didn’t even wait to see what he looked like in training camp.  This seems to be a curious decision by the Bears.

Report: Ray McDonald arrested, again

That might be the reason.  McDonald was arrested for domestic violence for a second time, this time with a bonus charge of child endangerment.  Before the 2014 season, McDonald was arrested for domestic violence but no charges were ever filed.  He ended up playing 14 games for the 49ers.

Towards the end of the 2014 season McDonald was named as a suspect in a sexual assault investigation but he was not arrested.  The 49ers had enough however and released McDonald.  This offseason the Bears decided to give McDonald another chance.  No charges were ever filed against him and he was never convicted of a crime.  Maybe he deserved one.  McDonald got his second chance and he blew it.

I don’t blame the Bears or the 49ers or the NFL or Roger Goodell .  I don’t want the NFL to double down on their ridiculous disciplinary actions.  This was a failure by Law Enforcement and our Criminal Justice System.  The Bears should never have been in the position to give McDonald that second chance. The NFL never had to suspend Aaron Hernandez.

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