You Really Should Return Your Videotapes

Patrick Bateman might have been a murderous psychopath (or maybe he wasn’t?), but you can’t say he was stupid. He always stressed the importance of returning your videotapes, and for good reason. If you didn’t return your videotapes on time you would be hit with late fees, you could lose your membership, and you could even be arrested.

Luckily, this is isn’t a problem in modern society anymore. You don’t have to return the movie you just streamed on Netflix after you’re done watching. But a North Carolina man wasn’t so lucky. James Meyers of Concord, North Carolina was arrested for failing to return a copy of Freddy Got Fingered to the the store he rented it from in 2002. After a routine traffic stop, a police officer noticed a warrant for his arrest and was forced to take action.

We have no idea what kind of late fees Meyers could owe after 14 years but the store he rented it from closed in 2014. Seriously, 2014. People were still renting movies two years ago? Did this store have the only copy of Ernest Goes to Camp still in existence or something? Meyers’ crime does come with a $200 fine so he won’t get off free.

Tom Green, writer/director/star of Freddy Got Fingered, is ecstatic just to hear his name and the name of his failure of a movie in the news. He’s even offered to pay the $200 fine. Although I’m not sure Green could afford too much more than that. His bum hasn’t been on TV in a long time (Actually he hosted a talk show from 2013-2014 on AXS TV but I’m sure you’ve never even heard of that channel).

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