The fight of the century was vastly underwhelming. You can blame the fighters themselves, you can blame the media for over hyping every big event known to man, or we can blame ourselves for the lofty expectations. Whatever you choose it doesn’t change the fact that most of us gave up some cash to watch a disappointing boxing match. A match that was supposed to bring this sport new life. However, news broke yesterday evening that Manny Pacquaio will now need shoulder surgery to repair a rotator cuff that was torn a few weeks before the fight, during training. Of course it is the easy scapegoat after a loss that was built up this much. Then this morning, news broke that Floyd Mayweather will now accept a rematch from Manny if one is requested. This brings out one huge concerning question in my mind.

Was this all set up to happen?

Think about this. Each fighter made tens of millions to partake in this fight. You have two boxers who have hit an age where retirement is in question. Lastly, you have a dying sport that is constantly having viewers leave for the modern day UFC. The Boxing association needed this fight and with a cash grab of 100 dollars per tv set why wouldn’t you want a repeat? Mayweather initially said he would not accept a rematch if he won… The man was handed a check for 100 million dollars, and look how quickly the 38 year old boxer changed his mind.

Muhammad Ali created the rope a dope, but he used to finish the opponent off in the final rounds. Unless Mayweather can build the courage to attempt to do the same the sport of boxing will stay stale and end with these two fighters. I hope we all learned a valuable lesson this past weekend. Boxing is still on life support, and these welter weight fights have no comparisons to the old school blow for blow fights we so often refer back to. I for one will not be purchasing the rematch. These fighters are cashing in right before they retire, and the whole world is letting them do it without so much as a knockdown.


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