Remember, WWDC18 will be light on the hardware side…

Apple’s WWDC kicks off Monday with that streamable feed here (it’s currently just an event page until 10 AM PDT on Monday). This year we can expect to see IOS 12 taking a good bit of time. We can expect to see an updated MacOS (but nothing too crazy… well maybe….) a new Apple Watch OS and even an AppleTV OS Update! Don’t expect to see that shiny new iPhone to make an appearance. Remember, those are typically in September nowadays. Honestly, don’t expect to see any new hardware.

IOS 12 seems to be focused on reliability and safety. Don’t expect too many “oohs and ahh’s” with the demonstration. You can expect to see a more improved FaceID, you will be able to unlock your phone from a horizontal angle vs vertical as seen on IOS 11. Mostly, this build is to improve performance, reliability, and safety. IOS 11 wasn’t exactly considered a perfect operating system. I personally never had a big issue, but I must be a lucky one.

MacOS is rumored to be merging with IOS software. However, don’t expect a full merge this year. But, we certainly expect to see it inching that way. What this means to developers is that the apps you code for IOS don’t need to be adjusted for MacOS. What this means for the user, your apps will link between any Apple OS you’re using. MacOS App Store isn’t exactly a big deal, compared to IOS App Store.

Apple Watch OS update… do we even care? I still don’t like it, but I’m getting closer with each watch. I wrote why I don’t yet like the Apple Watch here. Maybe the Apple Watch 3 will win me over. Apple, win me over, throw me a watch for a price of, on the house…

AppleTV, we haven’t seen much of an update in a couple years for this. The rumor mill for this device has been pretty minimal this year. Maybe they’ve kept it under wraps, maybe they’ll just be slapping a tiny change on it and calling it an updated TVOS.

All of this is speculation until Monday morning. But, the nerd world usually gets it fairly accurate. So, how does this all sound for you? Will you be streaming the keynote this year?

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