Tony’s Beer Review – Samuel Adams Boston Lager

Second up in our review of the Sam Adams fall variety pack is Boston Beer’s flagship, Samuel Adams Boston Lager.

Samuel Adams Boston Lager

Boston Beer

Amber Lager

4.9% ABV

Sam Adams, always a good decision. Remember those commercials? I wonder why they stopped doing them. Was it the Dave Chappelle parody? Or was it the fact that Sam Adams Boston Lager just could never gain any traction as a big time beer? Regardless, the question must be asked. Is Sam Adams always a good decision?


I believe so. Boston Lager is still a really nice beer. No, there’s not any more commercials and it’s much less likely to show up on your bar’s tap list, but Boston Lager is still a damn fine drink. The beer may seem a little boring but at least it’s not an IPA. It’s refreshing to see a brewery push a non-IPA as their flagship.

So it’s not an IPA, it’s not even an ale. Boston Lager is an underutilized style called an Amber (or Vienna) Lager. It’s a lager, like Budweiser and Coors, but made with darker malts (resulting in an amber color). This means the beer is light, yet still very flavorful. It’s not watery, but not too bitter. It’s very much a middle of the road beer and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Boston Lager is never going to be anyone’s favorite beer. That doesn’t make it not worth drinking. Sure it’s a little boring, but you know what you’re getting when you find a couple in┬áthat Sam Adams variety pack. Don’t skip over them. I promise it will be a “good decision”.

Score: 7.0/10

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