Round 2: Donald Trump Vs Hillary Clinton Debate – Where to watch

The second presidential debate is tonight, usually who would care right? But this is unlike anything we’ve ever seen (as far as presidential elections). It’s typically two stiff old guys up there dancing around a question. But, this time around it’s an orange guy and an old lady. It’s like when Family Guy came out, people had seen The Simpsons and cartoon shows like that. Now, this is an entirely new beast, and they spare no punches.

We were guessing that Trump would throw out the C word at least one time last debate. And we were wrong, but hey you’ve gotta save something for the second one right? Anyway, with more and more people ditching that garbage cable and satellite you might be wondering where can you watch this one. Have no fear you can stream the second presidential debateĀ on Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook! So, go ahead, crack a beer might we suggest one… and watch the the new wave political debate.

maxresdefault donald Trump vs hillary Clinton

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