Ryan Lochte and the DWTS Mishap

There was trouble on the dance floor the other night! The Dancing With The Stars team featuring now notorious (I guess) olympic swimmer, Ryan Lochte was interrupted the other night; by a couple protesters. Yeah I hope this is a hoax too.

It was during his dance routine that some truth policers tried to storm the stage. Protesting his dance moves or his latest stint in the news in Rio, don’t assume folks. Being that it was a dance show, the security wasn’t too tight. It’s not like it was a Dodger’s game. The camera was on a judge so you can’t entirely see what all happened.

What I care about, where I take sincere umbrage is at these granola, gerber babies storming the stage in protest and shouting “liar.” A. he’s a swimmer, not a politician. B. he’s on a dancing show. Unless you’re a dance instructor and his timing is off you shouldn’t give a shit what he’s doing.

Where is this world going? We are spinning out of control with all this sensitive nonsense. Go get a job, or disappear. You are the reason we are hated. You are crying about some guy you know literally nothing about other than he can tread water and tells an occasional lie. Look at yourself, you should be ashamed. Go get another cat.


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