Tony’s Beer Review – Samuel Adams Bonfire Blonde

Next up is an all new beer from Sam Adams, Bonfire Blonde.

Samuel Adams Bonfire Blonde

Boston Beer

Smoked Beer

5.5% ABV

Bonfire Blonde? Sounds kind of lame to be honest. Blonde ale always seems like the most basic of beer styles. That’s for people who don’t like beer, right? I was not looking forward to this beer at all. I should have read the label. It’s called Bonfire for a reason. It’s a smoked beer.

Smoked beer. Maybe that doesn’t sound too appetizing to you. Get over any reservations you might have about smoke beer. Trust me. It’s good. Or at the very least, it’s interesting and worth trying. If you’re wondering what smoked beer taste likes, it tastes likes smoke. Not like cigarettes, but like smoked Gouda or good barbecue.

Are you still confused/worried/disgusted? They don’t actually smoke the beer. Rather the beer is made from barley that was smoked and this results in quite the smoky flavor in the beer. Sam Adams has done a good job with this one too. While blonde ale may be a “basic” style, it’s very good at letting other flavors stand out, as it has little flavor itself. This really lets the smoke take center stage and that’s a good thing.

The smoke is very noticeable, you won’t miss it, but it’s not tiresome. Maybe if you tried to take down a six pack of this beer you would get sick of it but thankfully there’s only two in this pack. And with such a smoky taste, you’re not going to detect the alcohol at all. Bonfire Blonde is an intriguing and delicious new beer and I’m happy Sam Adams added it to their lineup.

Score: 7.3/10

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