Scion hits the road, Elon Musk pulls a Trump move

Yeah, what a day in the auto world!

Let’s start with the teenager car, Scion. That ‘be yourself’ nonsense advertised for the ‘hip’ car brand. Scion was a Fast and Furious car that was neither fast nor furious. It came in toaster and sleek car form. It was the Ikea car, allowing drivers to really express themselves in the form of lousy red lighting under-glow. Not to mention every Scion TC on the road either has tape over the latch or just completely missing the handle on the hatchback. Maybe that was all a part of the driver “expressing” themselves… they both have a screw loose (cue comedic drums). Either way, Toyota put the kibosh on the little project that lasted about 14 years. Not a bad run, but it was time to say goodbye. Did you just buy the all bark and no bite, Scion FR-S? Now it’s vintage!

In better car news, Elon Musk is still awesome. So much to the point that he personally cancelled some nerdy bloggers order after a “rude” post. Should we be mad? No, hell no… because he is continued to make one of the best electric cars on the road and he’s essentially made the Tesla the iPhone of the road. Everyone wants one and people are waiting in line around the corner for a week to throw down enough money to buy 50 acres in Nebraska for a battery powered car. Elon Musk is the Tony Stark of our day, and he doesn’t like rude comments.

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