Sex with Teachers: She’s Either a Criminal or He’s a Legend

It happens every couple years, at least… a scandal at a school. A teacher is caught having sex with a student. Yes, it’s horrible… there is something mentally wrong with the teacher. But think about the boy for a second. He went from your average kid to a legend among his peers real quick. I’m sure if you asked Dr. Drew about it he would venture down the path of repercussions for the hardly post pubescent boy.

Why does it happen so often? Well, there are plenty of reasons. A staggeringly large number of people have been molested or raped at a young age. It’s very shitty to think about but that’s the truth. Often times, when this happens the victim turns into the perpetrator. Now, this of course hasn’t happened to every teacher or even a small amount. But there are other possible reasons as well. The amount of time spent together without supervision could be one. Obviously the teacher is supposed to be the supervision but you see what we mean.

Then there is also loneliness to think about, perhaps a pending divorce or just lack of a love life. Even with things like Tinder or Match at your fingertips, sometimes people just don’t have the time to find someone of their age. Again, we are in no way endorsing these decisions. Simply analyzing possible reasons.

Why is it always female teachers hooking up with male students though? Male teachers are an overwhelming minority. The numbers just stack up in favor of women. But, men just attack women. They don’t need to form a bond in any manner. They will overpower a woman. Which is more likely to happen outside of the work place. On the flip side, “love” can form in the classroom. After all, 9 or so months are spent in a small classroom. A pseudo love or deep appreciation can develop.

If you remember the start of it all, going back to the 90s in Washington. Vili Fualaau and Mary Kay  Letourneau, seemingly the first glimpse inside pandora’s box. If you don’t remember the details, and why would you? We had to look it up too. She was his sixth grade teacher who took him under her wing. Then the sexual relations started. She was already married and a mother of four. When she got pregnant again, her sane family alerted the authorities and she served 6 months. Upon release she was found getting it on with Vili again… in a van. She then went back to finish her 7 year sentence. Oh and she gave birth again inside jail. Last year marked their 10 year wedding anniversary. So that would make Vili 11 now… No, he’s in his 30s and she’s in her 50s.

By the way, they sold their wedding video to the press for $750,000. Just like the royals. This particular case is very rare. For a teacher and student to hold the lie for so long. Who they are trying to fool is beyond us. He has admitted to suffering from depression. Watch for a divorce in the next decade. She’s tipping the scales at 54. Let’s advance to 2026, she’s 64, while he’s 42. It’s not going to last.

Like a terrorist attack, the odds of it happening near you are very, very low… but they can still happen. From Ohio to Texas to Washington… The question is will your son be the target? Probably not. If he is, get him some counseling and maybe move him out of the school. Hopefully he won’t have a newborn to take care of while his baby mama is in the slammer.

That’s only a couple potential reasons a teacher would develop a lust for a student. And going further, they have to be a little off at least to act on those thoughts. The reality of it is, this is something that’s almost entirely impossible to prevent. Especially early on, unless the boy reports it. And let’s face the music, most boys will be too giddy from an older woman coming on to him, or any woman even. Especially some of these teachers. It’s up to the faculty and students (sure, like another student will report it) to alert the proper authorities.

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