Should companies fire people who F*ck up off the clock?

Recently, a video went viral…. what’s new right? This one wasn’t the usual funny animal, or stunt, or whatever is going viral that day though. This was footage of a drunk Taco Bell exec beating up a poor a Uber driver… If you haven’t seen it go ahead and watch  it… it goes against my argument but since we are on the topic.

Yeah, it’s pretty brutal. The man is attacking the driver until he retaliates with some good old fashion pepper spray. This is pretty much where that video ends… Should he have just resumed the trip and gone to Park Newport? That’s your call. Should this video have been uploaded? Everything is now, so of course right? What you should ask yourself is why the hell do we give a shit?

You shouldn’t, unless you are either of those two guys, or maybe know them. That’s about as far as that needs to go. Why do we know he is a Taco Bell exec? It doesn’t say that anywhere on his clothing. So, then why does his work give a shit what he does in his own time? If he wants to act like an idiot, hot damn that’s his right as an American. Calm down, I’m not saying he should be beating up people and don’t for one second think I think anything of this guy… He is exactly the kind of guy Louie C.K. was talking about with his bit about  those guys who are the “going out to get laid guys” then they don’t get any action and have to take out the aggression anywhere they can, in this case an Uber driver.

The story keeps going though, as you are probably aware. So he gets fired, and with that decides to sue for $5 million…. Sue who? Uber? Nope, the driver! Why? Because he caused stress, emotional BS, and more BS. Why does everything have to result in a lawsuit? Shouldn’t this dickhead just put on his dumb ass hat and keep his head down for a year… In a perfect world.  Maybe, just maybe, we ask Anders from Workaholics to stop drinking while were at it…

What we want to see is impossible, but a person can dream right? Imagine a world where not everything is filmed, and certainly not uploaded to Youtube… where you can dream of becoming famous for 11 minutes and become an advocate for your cause, doing the circuit of shows and not having to work your shitty job. Lastly, in this dream world of ours, not attacking a guy who doesn’t want your money.

Think about what that guy missed out on for a second. This moron was giving shit directions which is why he ended the trip. He could have just gone in circles for an hour racking up this guys bill. Moreover avoiding being attacked by the third string community college defensive end. Then going on to make maybe an extra $100 bucks in the process.

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