Snapchat Hammers Down On Lunatic Living

An article was going to be published today about the lunatic, Tony Toutouni’s Snapchat account being crazy and wild. Well, it was so intense that Snapchat deleted his account… again. Snapchat continues its stance on nudity with a big fat nope. Well if you saw his story last night you’d understand as to why it was deleted. This past week in fact was nonstop fun for Mr. Toutouni. Unfortunately, his account is gone, for now. However, there are still plenty of great accounts to follow, click here to see some of our favorites!



As of Saturday night, the 14th the Lunatic came back under the snapchat name Kingofsnappy – as of right now, it’s still online. But he went in with the intention of getting the account deleted fast. So get to it quickly, so you can see things like the picture below!

Tony Toutouni

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Today Snapchat deleted my account again ! Haters called in and complained and made every false accusation they could desperately to have the account deleted ! Prince Ahmad and his little man servant did an Oscar performance yet These haters live without any sense of humor or life ! No one forced anyone to do anything they didn't want to do ! This was purely entertainment ! Internet models can show their naked bodies in SC all the time but when it comes to me the smallest little Boob and SC deletes my account ! Anyway I don't care about SC , I enjoy entertaining my fans and as long as u guys enjoyed it then it's fine with me ! #teamlunatic send ur complaints to SC ! Got to make my own app Comment 👇

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