Snapchat Releases Sh***y Update, Who Actually Likes it?

Snapchat has been a TT favorite since we can remember. Who doesn’t love sending their friends dumb shit via snapchat? I know I sure enjoy it. It’s become one of the most used apps in the world in the near 7 years it’s been around. Pretty crazy that app came out in 2011! Since the beginning they have released updates along the way that not everyone liked. But people stuck with them, will this be their final update?

Updates are typically a good thing, bringing fresh concepts to the user. However, updates in the past have left sour tastes with some users. Like live maps for instance. Showing your exact location to your friends was creepy to some people. The idea behind that map was a good one though. The user is able to swipe around the world to see what’s going on where. Right now, go find Paris, France and click on that Eiffel Tower. (Worth it).

In the latest update they’ve thrown the previous build in the trash. It’s nearly unrecognizable. Not necessarily a bad thing, but they didn’t have a tainted version on their hands. The user response wasn’t a happy one. Pseudo-celebs like Kylie Jenner have told their millions of teen followers they no longer user the app as much. I include myself in that statement. Not the pseudo part… or the celeb part. I guess Kylie isn’t a pseudo-celeb. That one simple Tweet resulted in a $1.3 billion dollar loss to Snapchat stock.

I guess Snapchat pulled a Sean Miller and greased her palm to “undo” that Tweet. Because later that day she Tweeted this.

Sorry, I’ve gotta slap myself. I’ve just pulled two Tweets from Kylie Jenner’s page on a story. Let’s push forward.

Long story short, the update blows. Snapchat thought this “fresh” direction would grab everyones attention, young and old. Instead it pushed a good bit of users away. We did a poll on our Twitter page and the results came back just as we suspected. People are over this update.

Snapchat released a statement shortly after the petition got some traction. Stating that there will be a few more updates to come to improve user experience. And yes, there is a petition to change it back and it’s over 1.2 million strong.

What do you think of the update? Do you love it, do you hate it?

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