Snapchat Update – Pay to Replay and Face Effects!

Today, Snapchat released an update adding a couple cool things. First, you can add new effects to your photos/videos, second, in app purchases! Not sure how to use them? Let’s show you!

  • Face Effects – to pull them up, tap and hold on the selfie side. You will see the app recognizing your face,then a few options will pop up. New effects include, heart eyes, terminator, vomit rainbows, old person, demon face, party face, and heart avalanche. Snapchat plans to swap one out daily, keeping them fresh. Check out a couple below!

  • Pay to Replay – you can now pay to replay¬†snaps. It’s about time the company started to earn a little cash. They are four years old you know! Here’s a cost breakdown, 3 replays $0.99, 10 replays $2.99, and 20 replays $4.99. Talk about a bargain!¬†


image image

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