Snapchat – What Do These Smileys Mean!?

If you have updated Snapchat recently, then you may have noticed that you have new faces next to some of your friends.

As if hiding your secret lover wasn’t hard enough forĀ all you cheaters… Now your significant other has another reason to start a pointless fight. Snapchat has added 6 emojis that will accompany your list of friends to the right of their name. Each of these friendly little images has their own significant meaning.


The Heart next to your friends name means that you are both best friends.


The Smiling Face (I like to call it the Cheesin’ face) means that you both share the same top best friend. So if “Frank” or “Sarah” (with no last name accompanied) have this face by it watch out!


The Blushing Smiley Face means that you are both best friends, but not top best friends! What the hell!? Step up your game!

The Sunglasses or Cool Cat Emoji means that you both share a best friend. Your goal should be to have this by every singleĀ person.


The smirk emoji means that you are someones best friend, but they are not yours.



The Fire means you’re on a “Snapstreak”! So, this means if you see fire by a cheesin’ face, it’s almost gauranteed nudes have been sent.


There you have it, the new Snapchat emojis. Be on your guard and happy Snappin!

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