Space Jam 2??

For a little while now there’s been rumors about Space Jam 2 being made, but today those rumors turned very realistic. Warner Bros. filed a new trademark for “Space Jam” last month and then today announced a deal with Lebron James.

Growing up I loved Space Jam and thought it was one of the greatest movies, and I even remember playing the video game! However, I am not too stoked about a Space Jam 2 with the lead character being Lebron James. It’s nothing to do with his acting either. He was recently in the film Trainwreck and I’m sure he did a great job in it. It just seems like Lebron has tried too hard in his career to be “like Mike”. His first few seasons in Cleveland he wore #23 just like Jordan did.


Since he’s the best player in the NBA and has been all over the past few years, it’s easy for people to make the comparison that he’s just as good as Michael Jordan was, but he’s not. So the fact that he’s becoming the lead character in the sequel to the movie Jordan first starred in just doesn’t sit well wit me. Should the Cleveland Indians stand near their phone and expect a call from Lebron James sometime soon? Will he try to have a baseball career just because Michael Jordan tried? At this point none of that would surprise me!

The one thing we can all agree on though was that in Jordan’s prime he didn’t need to join two other superstars so he could win a ring. He did it with the players he had around him and stayed loyal to the city of Chicago. Just like we saw in the finals this season, Lebron could not win it on his own when his two superstar teammates got hurt.


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