Spotify Update!

The other day Spotify announced a new feature coming to users soon. The new feature, known as Discover Weekly, is a playlist that will pop up in a new tab each Monday. The playlist will be different for everyone and will be determined by the music you’ve listened to lately. Meaning, if you listen to the new Of Monsters And Men album a lot in a week, it will have a good bit of new tunes similar to that. I think this will be a fantastic new feature if they fine-tuned the algorithm and are able to keep the hits coming on the playlist. I love discovering new artists and this would be a great outlet for them to be heard. As long as it can keep them coming in the playlist.

The problem I run into on their radio platform is it tends to repeat after about 10 to 15 songs. It was obvious that Spotify was threatened by Apple Music, as they should have been. However after getting my hands on Apple Music for a bit, I wasn’t that impressed by it. Perhaps I’m just too accustomed to Spotify and it’s platform. I digress; the update will be pushed out to Spotify users soon. Will you be diving into Discover weekly?


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