Starbucks and the TrumpCup debacle

Lately, people have been using the name “Trump” at Starbucks around the country. Some stores laugh and let the little republican have his fun. Others, refuse and won’t serve them their little cup of sugar. This is now in the news people, I know WTF.

Think about if Clinton won and people did this, if someone refused to write her name they would be a sexist, racist, and every other kind of “ist” out there. But when a liberal does it’s brave. Hey pal, you’re serving coffee, you’re hardly a freedom fighter. We’ve written numerous times about participation trophies and the poison it leads to… this.

However, this time it might not even have to do with trophies at all. Let’s face it, the guy behind the counter with a ponytail doesn’t exactly look like he does much other than video games. So, what make them feel like standing up to the presidential elect? It’s simple, they just have a pole up their ass.

Let me disclose something, I’m a republican who didn’t vote for Trump, and I also happen to hate Starbucks. Hates a strong word, despise; that’s better. It’s mostly the idea of it, people are dependent on it. It’s a shitty vice to have and I hate that it’s “cool” to have to run to Starbucks.

This is kind of related and shows the double standard, places who are being forced to serve wedding cakes to gay couples even though it goes against their religious views. Yet some little guy on year three at the community college who watches a tad too much Daily Show kind stand his ground on writing Trump on a cup of coffee.

Let’s pretend Obama is in office for a few more weeks and try to get along until the orange man takes office. Then get all blow hard again, but why throw a tantrum while you still have one of yours in office? You should be embracing the time you still have, since it’s going to change all that much once Trump takes office. (I say that kiddingly folks.)

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