Step Inside Donald Trump’s 757

Because you haven’t made it unless you have your name on the side of your plane.

Trump has been going all over the country playing presidential candidate. Pissing off some and pleasing others. Well, one thing is for sure, he is flying in style. Take a look at the pretty rad Trump plane.

Will this ever be in the running to replace Air Force One? That’s a tough call. One thing’s for sure, Air Force One is longer, wider, and taller… and faster. Where Trump trumps the presidential plane is in luxury. However, when the Donald was asked about the matter, he had this to say,”Well look there’s something very special about Air Force One. Let’s face it, it represents something very very special, like the White House represents something. And I just hope, and I’m not talking about the perks because the last thing I need are perks,” he added. “I just hope that we can get in, do the job and make America great again.”

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