Steph Curry Needs to be Stopped

Tonight, the reigning NBA champions, the Golden State Warriors, erased an 11 point deficit to beat the Oklahoma City Thunder 121-118 in overtime. League MVP, Stephen Curry, scored 46 for Golden State, tying an NBA record with 12 threes. And it seemed like half the threes were from outside of 30 feet, including the game winner. Take a look at it.

This just isn’t fair. That’s like 40 feet away. There was still time on the clock too. It’s a terrible shot, just not for Curry. Instinct kicks in when you’re playing defense and you never expect someone to pull up from 40¬†feet out so you back off a little. If Curry is going to make that shot though, then why are we even watching? The Warriors cannot be stopped.

What makes this all worse is this stupid dancing Curry does after making the shot. We already know you’re good. You have the trophies to prove it. You don’t have to dance like an asshole. This was in Oklahoma City too. The good people of Oklahoma spent their hard earned money to watch you rip out their heart. And now you got to take a big shit on it as well. You’re a dick Curry.


Adam Silver needs to step up to the plate. Stephen Curry is detrimental to the sport of basketball. Remeber how you handled Donald Sterling? You know what you have to do Silver. You need to ban Stephen Curry, FOR LIFE!



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