Stop bombing the first date, see how to make it to the second

First dates are stressful. Are you clicking? Should you kiss her? Is she into you?

Far too often first dates are a catastrophe, we’ve gotten our experts together to give you advice to have the best first date possible. Face it, you can do better!  Let’s break down some do’s and don’ts for the first date.

First off, look presentable. Nowadays, with the majority of people getting together via dating apps, the first date is also a first impression. Don’t blow it by wearing your frat shirt and that visor, unless, of course, you’re in college at Texas Tech or something. But then most of you college kids aren’t dating, just slamming. Wear something clean, you don’t need to throw on a suit but you should have clean, distressed free clothing.

Since the majority of you meet everyone courtesy of an app, we will include the best first date for that situation too. First, let’s start with a traditional date… remember when your parents said how they met, apps weren’t in the picture and believe it or not, some people still meet this way! If this applies to you, thumbs up! You did it; you talked to someone and asked them out in person… a lost art. What’s the best bet to have a successful date? Dinner and/ or drinks, there is nothing better. Even if you’re a baller on a budget, there is a place for you to eat. However, avoid places like Golden Corral, that’s not exactly balling on any level.

A lot of people would say an activity is the best first date, it can be! But it’s not the easiest way to hit it off. This is a great second date outing idea. It is a sugar coated way to bond… you are too busy laughing in go-Karts to identify whether or not you are compatible. Save the batting cages for the second or third date.

So, a restaurant or bar it is! Once you have settled on a time and a place, be there first. Tardiness is very unappealing. More importantly, be knowledgeable of the menu. If you are wine drinkers, or more so, if she is a wine drinker, you should be too; and with that, you should have a brief knowledge of some wine (we’ve got you covered, click here). Even if it’s just one wine the restaurant has, know it! It demonstrates value and high IQ. Now, back to the beginning of the date… Greet her with a hug upon her arrival, break the touch barrier. Let her know you’re not going to be “just friends,” you’re not to be put down in that category. Ever! Once seated, there are a handful of things that are clutch, here they are;

Eye Contact

Keep your head up and your eyes off her breasts. Remember, it’s like looking into the sun, only a second or two! Address her; look at her chin if you’re that uncomfortable. Remember in Wolf of Wall Street when they were saying how to talk to the “throwing darts”… the chin works!

Ask Questions

Like Seth Rogen said in The 40-Year-Old Virgin, it’s actually great advice. Women, hell everyone loves to talk about themselves, this is a chance to sit back and let them talk about themselves. However, listen! Don’t just go to Maui in your little mind, pay attention to what she says. Be engaged!

Assuming you can keep up your end of the conversation, the date should be going well at this point. Now if you met there, you will be walking her to her car. This is where the next question comes into play…


Should you go in for the kill? This is where you’re going to need judgement. Look for signs like playing with her hair, long engagements in eye contact, arm grabs when you say something that “really resonates” with her, shit like that. If some of these happened throughout the dinner, lay one on her!

Don’t feel bad if you get denied the kiss, maybe it’s too soon for her. That’s okay, keep at it! (Don’t keep trying to kiss her, I mean keep on asking her out). If she goes for it, you are there! You are getting to the second date!

Those of you just getting down on a dating app, things are a little less fancy for you. You are in your twenties, give or take… if you’re in your thirties, you should be on Match.com and sure that’s in app form… but for fucks sake, go to a dinner, scroll up! Now, that the non-millennials are outa here, let’s talk shop. You guys have options, pending the severity of the crush. Which can range from yogurt or coffee all the way up to dinner or wine tasting.

The average date lasts about an hour in these settings. Usually, they end with a hug and that’s about it. Lately though, it’s not uncommon to get some action, according to a recent study that shows some ladies on dating apps give it up after as little as ten texts. So, be prepared… for anything I guess.

In this kind of date, you’re getting to know them on all levels. Are they nuts? Are her pictures accurate? Is she going to rob me? Anything is possible! That’s why the public date is a must. These are much less nerve-racking; at least they are supposed to be. Good etiquette here is a must!

Keep Eye Contact

Again guys, this is very important. Don’t have wandering eyes at the slutty dress at the booth a couple tables over. She has your undivided attention.

Make Her Laugh

Humor is important. Even Kevin James gets ass. Funny is always in style.


For the love of god, your date can be as cheap as a few dollars. If you even let her pull out her wallet so help me god I will put a hex on you. Putting the coat over a puddle so a woman could keep her heels dry is long gone. Paying for her shit will stay forever.

That’s about it as far as these dates go. You can’t expect much, be happy if she even shows. These things are very nonchalant.


That is a little different here, after all, you didn’t know her two hours ago. Use your best judgement. Most people are on these apps to hook up. Even the ones that say in the profile, “Not looking for hookups.” Well, they also have pictures of just their bodies, and it’s just a cop out.


So now that you have learned what gets you into the good graces of the fairer sex, apply them to your life. Use it on your next first date, and be ready for that second date…. because you will definitely be getting to the second date!


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