Students Refuse To Leave Safe Spaces After Trump Win


So it’s been about a full day since the news broke that Donald Trump won the election. In that day people’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter’s, and whatever other kinds of feeds you have were blown up with angered or saddened posts. What that transliterates to is that we are all babies.

We’ve got it too good, far better than past generations. Think about it, we have air conditioning in every room and a shitter in every TV room or vice versa, however you want to spin it. What I mean by this is we have no real reasons to complain so we started making things up. We started creating problems out of thin air, like how many bathrooms we need. If Hillary won the presidency we would close out her first and only term with 5 different bathrooms (if you think either of these jerkoff’s could get reelected you have bigger fish to fry.)

With the lack of problems and addition of bathrooms we have created a coddled generation who is constantly being rocked to sleep with one thumb in their mouth and the other in their ass. Their lives have been nothing but participation trophies and pats on the back. And this is the first time they lost, so they are taking to the streets; like the hippies of the 60s!

In all honesty, if you thought either candidate was going to do anything for you or your family you were wrong. The only person who can do anything is you. So what you should be doing, people in safe spaces or protestors who are burning the flags is putting your head down and working. Be the change you want to see. That is something that can actually change your life.

Think about the future generations for a second. If we are so scared of this mean world for electing Trump that we have to stay in a safe space and seek counseling because the big mean man is in power then what the hell to we have to look forward to? Just people wrapped in a vaseline cocoon ¬†with a flesh light and a dildo going to town on you? That’s not the right direction and maybe, just maybe Trump will push us in the right one. Now let’s prey we have no more talk of adding new bathrooms for someone who identifies as a dolphin or about how mean the police are to people of color. (quick rant, go) police are mean to anyone and everyone, they don’t discriminate for that. Your best bet is to do as they say… Read more about the police here.

Let’s wrap this up so they can get back to their bean bags and fun dip. Safe spaces are idiotic, colleges are for building better thinkers; people who can respond calmly to differing opinions. You guys are just crying because you lost for the first time in your lives and you don’t know what that means. Get your shit together people.

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