Suck My $I@&!

Apparently Matt Barnes cannot hide his true feelings on the court, and especially to James Harden’s Mom!

During game two of the Western Conference Semi Finals on Wednesday, Matt Barnes had a little extra to say to the crowd, and one Rockets fan in particular. With a heated battle going into the fourth quarter James Harden caught a spark, scoring 20 second half points, and now we may know what ignited it. Matt Barnes told his mom to suck his dick! On top of that he capped it with the ever so classy word b*tch.

Wow, talk about losing your cool! Since the incident it was reported that Matt Barnes has apologized to Mrs. Harden, but we look forward to how James will handle that apology!

Game 3 is on Friday. Here is a link of a technical Barnes picked up early in the game. It’s apparent the respect isn’t there.

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