Survival Guide 2.0: EMPWR Coat – “Sleeping Bag Jacket”

In this edition of Survival Guide 2.0, Tony reviews the EMPWR Coat. Veronika Scott began her venture when attending college in Detroit.  During the housing crisis in the 2000’s, Detroit has seen its fair share of homelessness. With a clear idea, the EMPWR Coat helps an individual with warm clothing and something to sleep in for the night. You read that correctly. This jacket turns into a sleeping bag. Hats off to you Veronika and her staff for being badass innovators! Your EMPWR Coat is an essential for survival whether you’re hiking on a 3 day trek or you are seeing tougher days.


Now when reviewing this product, this coat is the ideal coat to hike and camp in. When on a trek, your sleeping bag is generally packed well in your bag. In the event of an “oh crap” moment, this coat can be the one thing between you and death. This is a Tony’s Take essential when out trekking in the wilderness. Plan ahead with this amazing product for only $100. Check out The Empowerment Plan and research more about the EMPWR Coat.

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