Suspense of the NFL Draft

There is so much hype that surrounds the NFL year in and year out. A lot of that hype comes from who your favorite team is going to draft. Every year it seems smokescreens are made to deter analysts and fans from thinking they know exactly who their team is getting. However, I have never seen so many smokescreens surrounding one player. This 635538480472449820-01-CIVIL-WAR-1151years victim is Marcus Mariota.
     The Consensus number two Quarterback in this years draft has been moved throughout the entire first round. Some analysts have declared that they don’t see him as a first round prospect. This is to be expected from the NFL analysts, as they write up their own draft boards to get views. What I think is the most intriguing aspect though, is hearing the rumor mill of the NFL focus on one player.
    This last off season was full of surprises. From the Jimmy Graham trade, to the LeSean McCoy trade, it had their fans speechless. The offseason only solidified the fact that the NFL is a business, and nobody is safe. It is to be expected when you hear teams like Tennessee say, if Mariota is available at pick number 2, they would be more than thrilled to have him join their team. You also have the Jets at pick 6. They have been a probable destination for the QB, considering their current situation at the position. This all makes the draft exciting to begin with. Yet, if you add trade rumors into the mix, then you create a draft recipe that will captivate the nation.
    Social media has only added to the fire over the years. Spreading rumors and misinformation around like it is the new plague. For example, Cleveland is now “interested” in trading both of their first round picks (12 and 19) to Tennessee to pick at number two for Marcus Mariota. Perhaps my favorite of all though, is the rumor of San Diego trading Phillip Rivers and their first round pick to acquire Mariota. Rivers is a quarterback in his early thirties, philip-rivers2that has proven time and time again, that he can still lead his team to victory. That player is being thrown around to acquire a player that has ZERO NFL experience, and has been countlessly stated as ‘being a product of the system.’ These scenarios, at times, can be laughable. Of course, who doesn’t love the story of the Oregon Eagles reuniting their coach with his quarterback, though? These are the reasons that there is so much hype and mystery in this years draft, because again, nobody is safe.
    If anything the build up for the NFL draft is being heavily promoted through these rumors. Last year it was Johnny Football, and this year the same (if not more), is happening with Marcus Mariota. I’m not sure about you, but I will definitely be rushing from my job to the couch, cracking a cold one open, and (for some reason) will be entangled in the drama of a mid forty year old man, calling out names for 4 hours. Here’s to our shitty teams getting better, and to all of the prospects that will get their shot at a lifelong dream, Cheers!
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