Take Me to My Happy Place: Coachella Music Festival

I can hear the music in the distance and the feeling of joy washing over me. It must be that time of year, where you bust out those flower crowns, flash tats & crop tops and head inland for the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. I can already hear my soul screaming “take me to my happy place!” Even though I am going on year 7, I still can’t help but get as excited as a little kid on Christmas morning.

Nothing compares to the feeling of letting your adulthood responsibilities take a back seat and have a good old fashioned dessert romp. Dancing in the sun until the sunset captivates you and you have to stop and look around. The palm trees are glowing and all you see are happy faces and hands in the air. Music is all around you and you feel like this is the only place you should ever be. I would be lying if I didn’t say that I’ve thought many times about running away forever and making every day a Coachella, but that can’t happen, Momma’s got bills to pay. So I guess that is why I keep coming back for more.

I am a music lover, a dancing queen, a fashion fanatic, and a promoter of everything fun. I love being surrounded by likeminded individuals, being exposed to new music and completely throwing myself into my dessert dance. One of the first things I start thinking about when it becomes Coachella season, is what am I going to wear? Will I be showcased on some blog… again? What am I going to wear, I can’t possibly wear the same thing as last year, or should I?

Last year my friends and I were posted on PopSugar’s site in an article featuring “what to wear to a festival,” definitely a high point in my Coachella career. Kind of the goal for anyone who cares about fashion and appreciates the styles. My advice, be cute, comfortable and happy. This is a free for all, anything goes. If you want to wear pasties, ass-less chaps and a flower crown, you do you boo. Might get some looks, but who gives a fuck! Coachella is a place for you to do and feel whatever you want, no judgements. If someone is giving you shade, look at them and smile, feel sorry that they don’t know how to let loose and let that freak flag fly HIGH!

In addition to styling yourself, keep those peepers sharp for the other show – the celebrity sightings. You never know who you might see there, I may have spotted a few Vanderpump Rules stars there, slumming it with us non VIP minions. Not to mention models with legs for days. Last year my girlfriends were too quick for me and instantly ran after Bihati Prinsloo and stalked her for a solid 10 minutes. They’re special I know. But they love their model sightings and its part of the Coachella fun to be in the crowds with the elite. Also, just taking in all the sights, the art, the fashion, the light shows from the sets, the palm trees surrounding the fairgrounds, it is truly a magical place. So count those blessing and feel #blessed to be a part of it all.

Okay, so now to part some wise, sage safe wisdom on your little souls.

How to master the festival and not be one of those poor saps who can’t hang. Set up home bases. Know how to find your friends, and rent that damn locker. You can thank me later. The locker is an excellent meeting spot, away from the crowds, a place to seek temporary shade and to restock, refresh, and change if need be. I always leave a tooth brush, an extra layer of clothing for my walk of shame to the shuttle, and sunscreen. You can never have enough of anything that makes you feel comfortable and storing extra things in there is great way to feel prepared without lugging shit around with you all day.

Also, try and eat a something while you’re there. Not only do they have plenty of yummy food trucks, but it will make you last longer if you eat something. I know you get in the zone and don’t want to stop or you’re just so fucked up food doesn’t sound like a good idea or necessary, trust me, even a small bite of pizza will do your body good. Hydrate too, all the damn time. The main stage beer garden is a great place to chill, listen to the main stage band, get your drink on and sit for a minute.

Party wise!

Rules to live by, wear shoes because it’s incredibly disgusting not to and this is not a place to let your feet be touching the ground. Oh and NEVER EVER SIT ON THE TOILET SEAT, practice those squats now girl. I cannot emphasize this enough. Oh and did I mention stay hydrated? I did, but it’s that important to repeat! That sun, dancing, drinking, and whatever other shenanigans you’re getting into, it needs to be monitored with water. Nothing is fun or cute about dying of dehydrating, also, do you really want to miss anything happening in the Mojave or Sahara tent because you couldn’t hydrate yourself. Be smart, safe and keep your wits about you. Ok mothering rant done. Go have fun you crazy festival hippies. I love you all and I will see you under that desert sun!

Now go live free and let that dust fill your lungs and dance till you can’t no more! Spread good vibes everywhere!

– Liz Kelly

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