Which Team Will End Their Historic Championship Drought, Cubs or Indians?

The World Series starts tonight, if anyone out there is still even a baseball fan. I am, but I admit it’s tough sitting through these 4 1/2 hour playoff games. But there’s a real good reason to watch tonight. The two teams playing have the longest active championship droughts.

Everyone knows about the Cubs and their tortured history. They haven’t won since 1908 and this is their first appearance in the Series since the 40’s. The Indians don’t have it as bad but they last won the World Series in 1948. Either way, some long suffering fan-base is going to see their team finally win, and that’s something always worth watching.

So who’s it going to be. The Cubs are the favorite, rightfully, as they won 103 games this year. They’re a complete team with great front-line starters, excellent relievers, power hitters, and guys who just get on base. If talent is all that mattered then you would have to pick the Cubs.

The Indians seem like the team of destiny this year. No one even saw them making the playoffs this year but here they are, in the World Series (for the record, we always believed in Cleveland’s talent. We had them winning last year and it turned out we were just a year too early). Despite losing three of their top four starting pitchers, the Indians found a way to get past the dynamic offenses of the Red Sox and Blue Jays. They had no business winning either series yet they did. That would scare me as a Cubs fan.

But the Cubs are betterĀ andĀ more complete, than any other team in these playoffs. This will be a real challenge for Cleveland. I like the way they’re playing and think they have a chance to win this series. It should be a good series.

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