Thank You Rob Ford. Your Life Provided Us With Much Entertainment and Joy

And by us I mean the US. Rob Ford has been known for his outlandish behavior compared to the typical clean Canadian. Can you imagine how the residents of Toronto felt? He was their mayor. They elected him. Arguably the most successful clown of this decade was chosen to be their mayor.

Former Toronto mayor and real life Chris Farley character Rob Ford died this morning after a lengthy battle with cancer. Yes, it wasn’t the booze or the crack or the obesity that did him in. It was just plain old cancer. The type any one of us regular folk could get. I guess the lesson here is to do as much crack as you can, when you can, because you never know when the cancer is going to come for you.

If you don’t remember what I’m talking about, Rob Ford was the mayor who was videotaped smoking crack in 2013. What would happen over the year was just magical. We’d like to share with you some of our favorite moments. Let’s start with how this whole thing began.

Rob Ford Smokes Crack


In February of 2013 Ford was recorded smoking crack with some friends. The guy who made the video attempted to sell the video, first to Ford then to Gawker. Although they didn’t purchase the video, Gawker posted a picture from the video. And that’s how the whole scandal started.

Rob Ford Plays a Little Pigskin

Rob Ford Knocks Over a City Councillor

Rob Ford Takes on the Hulkster

Rob Ford is a Sick Motherf**ker


Rob Ford Has More Than Enough to Eat at Home

Rob Ford Walks Into a Camera

Rob Ford Does a Jamaican Accent

Rob Ford Admits to Smoking Crack

Rob Ford Celebrates a Gold Medal

Rob Ford Dances His Ass Off


Rob Ford Goes on Kimmel

R.I.P. Rob Ford. You make Donald Trump look like a Mormon. Yeah, you had your problems, but don’t we all. It sucks cancer had to take you before you could fix them. But thanks for the laughs. The world will not forget you.

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